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We coach our clients in taking ownership of their life or business. We help them discover their hidden strong points and acquire new critical competencies. Become better leaders, colleagues, entrepreneurs and visionaries. Better partners and parents. Better people.



We respect your idea and we are fully committed to these two rules: we do not ask more than we have to and we never discuss your idea with a third party without your consent.



Our cooperation is based on the results brought on the table. When something needs to be measured, we make sure it does so any decisions made are well informed.


Meet Anywhere

We are open to any way of communication that best suits you. Meet through a video-call, come by our office or at a local coffee shop to discuss with comfort… and a warm cup of coffee!

Supporting Services

To get the edge

Tailored Website Design

During the implementation of your idea, you might want to seek partners, co-founders and investors. Also, look for valuable user or customer feedback. We will help you consider all the suitable technologies for an effective outreach.


We can help you prepare a clear, concise, professional pitch presentation. Your idea will be ready to be presented in a competition, a fund, VC or any potential investor.

More on our Services

Do you have an innovative idea that you would like to bring to life? Do you want to validate it and find its strong and weak points? Are you trying to identify appropriate application areas? Have you spotted any obstacles you need to overcome? Do you lack suitable partners? Perhaps your idea has more added value and impact than what you have already identified. How about some expert support to help it grow?

Innovation coaching can help you answer all the above questions! We coach you to understand the exact nature of the idea, its strong and weak points and its added value. In addition, we will discover the obstacles, list the risks, search for allies, partners and hidden resources. Inevitably, we create more options, we open more opportunity windows.

Above all, the Return of Investment of Innovation Coaching is guaranteed. It will accelerate the approach to your goal saving valuable time and money.

Business Idea Development

Watch your early-stage idea grow during the course of a challenging set of Innovation Coaching sessions. Identify your enemies, allies, obstacles and hidden resources. Get a deep understanding of the options available and choose wisely those that suit you best. We will check the innovation potential of your idea, find the best ways to fine-tune it and make it stand-out.

Executive Coaching

Executives in any organization face a number of challenges. It may sound easy, but taking an important decision can be critical. Making the right strategic moves, achieving competing goals, or simply improving a team’s everyday life, can have a major impact on the company. First, we listen to your concerns. Next, we clarify the situation. Carefully, we go through the pros and cons of each option available. Lastly, you can make an informed, well-thought decision.

Research & Innovation

Every business can benefit from Research and Innovation. However, as they come at a cost, they are often neglected. We can facilitate your overall Research and Innovation management. In addition, we will help you craft your R&D strategy and create a solid culture of innovation across your organization.

Innovation Investment Coaching

Companies and individuals investing in new technological products and services, often have to confront fierce competition. They have to be continuously updated and prepared for the fast, sometimes rapid advances of technology. It is essential to understand the exact nature of the investment, the addressed market and customer profiles. We can help you clarify all these points. Also, we will research possible by-products of your investment and study its growth potential. 

Purpose, Mission and Vision Creation

We work closely with founders, owners and top management in order to draft a meaningful company mission and vision statement. Then, move on to help all members of staff understand, adopt and convey it. We will provide insight and inspiration on improving offerings and services. Also, we will identify the deeper meaning of your activities and unleash the creative potential of the organization.

Performance Coaching

Executives and entrepreneurs often struggle with difficult corporate issues. Several activities running in parallel cause stress and can lead to loss of interest or burn out. We help high performance executives to exit the struggling mode and get their balance back. To find their sweet spot. The point where they feel most productive and comfortable. In most cases, this leads to a smooth flow. Above all, it brings better performance with a lot more motivation and fulfillment.

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