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Innobatics was born from the words Innovation and Acrobatics. Just like an acrobat balancing carefully on his rope, Innobatics supports individuals entrepreneurs, companies and organizations balancing their goals, decisions and actions at a convenient point between risk and innovation.

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Feel free to send us a brief description of your idea so we can provide you with a customized offer of our services and explain how we can assist.
We will do our best to schedule for one or more sessions, as required, in order to start examining your idea as soon as possible!

Our values define who we are and what we do

Wonder on what values we operate?
These are the four that make up our core philosophy


We respect your idea and we will never discuss it with a third party
without your consent. We can always sign a non-disclosure agreement,
nevertheless we feel that this is only a typical protocol and is in no
way stronger than our deep philosophy of mutual trust.


We are open to any way of communication that best suits you. We are not
fond of formalities. We can meet anywhere. In our offices or yours,
through video-calling, over the phone or at a quiet local coffee shop.
We can even take a walk in the park or by the sea. All that matters is
to be able to discuss with enjoyment and comfort.


We do not believe in good or bad ideas. Many great ideas have started from pretty bad ones! Creativity is the key to make the best out of an idea, so will approach it with an open mind and open heart. Our brain-storming sessions come in a relaxed, informal style that enables lateral thinking. There is no criticizing or rewarding. No judgement. Just opening up possibilities and breaking down incorrect assumptions. Analysis and evaluation are postponed until the end of our session.


We believe in meaning. Meaning is behind all kinds of success. It is the driving force, the catalyst of all our thoughts and actions. It gives us a sense of purpose. An idea on its own has no value. It only becomes useful when it is implemented. But in order to overcome all the obstacles and implement it, we first have to find its deeper meaning. Otherwise we soon get tired or disappointed and may forget all about it. Very often, although meaning is there, it is hidden and quite hard for us to see. We need to get into a process of relaxed introspection in order to discover it.

How we work

We provide most of our services through coaching sessions. Coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of a person or organization. It enables individuals to make clear and conscious decisions and empowers their leadership potential.

Our Philosophy

Offering value through a collaborative, solution focused, result-orientated and systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance, self-directed learning, life experience and personal growth.

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